Edwin Bezuidenhout

1000 word Exit Paper

Associate of Divinity Degree

1. What I have Learned

My Ministry training journey at C.L.I. has been THE most amazing journey that I have ever undertaken in my life.

Once I signed up and took the Getting Started course back in early 2013, I KNEW for certain that this IS what GOD has called me to do. Every single day I cannot wait to spend time on the courses, learning, growing and taking in every single detail the classes have to offer.

I have learned, first of all, that it is NEVER too late in life to start studying or continue studying, and that age is actually an advantage, since with age comes maturity and understanding which greatly assists clarity.

All my life I have been a person who questions things, not for the sake of argument or naughtiness, but for the sake of Clarity and Understanding. Theology and Doctrine in specific have always raised a multitude of questions and concerns for me, as these are matters that pertain not only to the Eternal but to the here and now. Finally through the courses at C.L.I. and much prayer GOD has unlocked many, many Answers for me.

The most valuable tool for me has been that C.L.I. has taught me how to Study the Bible, research Doctrine and come to the correct Biblical understanding of the Word as the Author (GOD) intended. The Bible interprets, confirms and unlocks the Biblical understanding for the student who is prepared to study to show himself or herself a workman rightly dividing the Word of God.

2. How it has and will impact me and those around me. (my Ministry, Family, Friends, Community, etc)

My Theological studies at C.L.I. have had a profound impact on me personally and has forever changed my outlook on life, in that it has given me such amazing clarity of understanding and insight into the Word of God which in turn has given me much more confidence in speaking and teaching the Word of God. My teaching has now gained Authority in the manner in which I teach and break open the Word, which in turn has lead to me being more effective when I teach in my community, in my own personal and family Bible study and devotional time.

My family, friends and community seek me out to ask questions concerning the Bible, questions of clarity and understanding, matters that had not previously been understood correctly, matters on Biblical truths as well as just generally discussing personal matters in relation to God`s Word.

The impact of C.L.I. has had a resounding impact on me, and as such has had and is having a resounding impact on my Ministry, Family, Friends and Community at large.

3. My Favourite classes

Beyond a doubt, Greek 1, 2 & 3 and Christian Apologetics have been my absolute favourite classes of all time, but that is not to say that any of the other classes, such as Astronomy, Philosophy and Psychology, to name but a few, were of any less importance and value. The Entire package at C.L.I. is so well put together that it is actually unfair that I have to choose a couple of classes to be my favourites.

4. Why

Christian Apologetics has armed me with the knowledge and boldness to give a clear and concise statement of my faith, what I believe and Why I believe what I believe. Apologetics has been one of those Eureka moments (classes) for me, when the heavens opened up for me, and it all made sense. This is my calling and my destiny.

Being the ever inquiring and inquisitive type of person, I always wanted to know about the Original Greek Translations – how accurate were they – has something been changed, omitted, or has a meaning been lost in translation. Biblical Greek was an Epic, longed for class that just did it for me. The added bonus being that I now understand and can read Biblical Greek has got to be the cherry on top of the cake.

My personal Bible study now includes me reading and studying the original Greek texts, which I absolutely love and enjoy.

5. What has been most Challenging for me.

For me, the most challenging class has been Introduction into Psychology.

It is not that it is an extremely difficult class, it was difficult enough, but simply the fact that it was a class that was very foreign to me – being a very Technical and Practical orientated person in regards to my profession as an Architect and Designer.

I totally enjoyed the class and find it extremely useful for my Ministry, it is just that it took a huge effort of will on my part to push through all the reading, to stay focused and to concentrate. This class also took the longest time for me to complete, since I did not want to move on until I had fully grasped and understood what I was studying.

I have gained so much by this class, and am grateful that I had the opportunity to study and complete it.

6. What Ministry Applications I have noticed.

I found Ministry Applications in every single subject that I have studied at C.L.I. The most obvious being the Theological classes (every single one of them) that have equipped me to be an authoritative teacher of the Word of God; to subjects such as Economics 101, which all have their connection to the Word. Economics 101 has for example enabled me to broach the subject of Faith and God`s principles when discussing Economic matters with people. This has given me a very unfair advantage in discussions, as I can link and apply the principles of Austrian Economics to any of the conversations that I have, thereby pointing to God`s Word and God`s Kingdom Economic principles and how they are to be applied in every day life as well.

7. Other aspects of my Ministry Training Journey that I would like to share.

From a young age I already knew that GOD had a calling on my life. I did not know what the calling was or even how to begin. Therefore after completing school and doing my Military Service I went and Studied Interior Design followed by Architecture. It was only many years later in 2013 that I felt the clear calling of GOD to study Theology. GOD very clearly lead me to C.L.I., but this did not prevent me from doing my “Due Diligence” and thoroughly checking C.L.I. out to make sure that they were a Legitimate and Recognised Institution. Furthermore I was even more pleased to see the very high standard and high quality of the packaging and content of the classes.

The fact that C.L.I. is accessible to anyone anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, is absolutely fantastic. This allows me to work at my own pace, from the comfort of my home, at times that suite my particular life and situation.

C.L.I. has been the “Game Changer” for me, as I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to study such high quality, high Standard Theological material anywhere else.