A Christian College That Welcomes Home School Students

There are exciting options for home schooling families at Christian Leaders Institute! Christian Leaders Institute is a college that welcomes home school students! Our program is a good fit for Christian families who are looking for a college degree program option for either senior high school level or as a next step after students have graduated from their local home school.

Christian Leaders Institute and Liberty University have some exciting partner opportunities that will bring home schooling families high-quality, low cost options for their students.

A Christian College That Welcomes Home School Students – WHY?

Get a College Degree in the High School Years with a Christian Worldview. 

Depending on the maturity and academic level of the home schooled student, this degree program can be started from age 13-18. A home schooling student has two ways to establish readiness for college studies.

1. High School Transcript Signed by the Parent 

A parent will have to send a signed transcript confirming that the home schooled student is ready for the next level of academic studies. Download Sample Transcript Template

2. Christian Leaders Institute Preparation Award

Instead of sending in a transcript, a home schooled student can enroll in the College Preparation Award Program for the Christian Leaders Institute GED Equivalency Recognition.

Collegiate Readiness Award – Total 14 Credits

Required Courses:

  • Christian Leaders Basics (3 Credits)
  • Christian Leaders Connections (3 Credits)
  • Ministry Foundations (3 Credits)
  • Basic Writing (1 Credit)

One of the Following Courses for 3 Credits

  • Christian Leaders Enterprise (3 Credits)
  • College Algebra (3 Credits)
  • Practical Mathematics (3 Credits)

Many home schooled students are academically ready for college studies in the home environment. For most home schooling families, this opportunity could be the junior and senior year curriculum for their high school. The home schooling student will study general, ministry, and Biblical studies to ground them as they are launched from their home.

Get an associate degree for about the cost of a high school home school curriculum. 

Home school curriculums can range from $350-$750 per year (Source).  The total cost for an Associate Degree at Christian Leaders Institute is less than $1,500. That includes taking as many tuition-free courses as wanted. That includes a degree in Christian Leadership, Divinity, or Chaplaincy.

Exciting Transfer Options to Liberty University

With a parent mentoring them, the home schooled student graduates from their local home school with an associate degree that can be transferred to Liberty University Online. There they have access to over 100 bachelor degree programs. This partnership agreement with Christian Leaders Institute allows associate degree holders the opportunity to transfer up to 90 hours of credit to Liberty University. That means the cost to get a Liberty University Degree will range from only 12K-24K, not including books and fees. The Christian Leaders Institute courses and reading materials are tuition-free and the administration fee is less than $1,500 for the Associate Degree.

Completely Online To Fit a Home School Vision

Many families choose home schooling to help their children get an excellent academic start to their lives. They socialize their children with the multitudes of social, sport, and volunteer options that local communities, co-ops, and churches provide.

The Christian Leaders Institute program is ideal for this vision. The structure of the courses are suited for independent study with online lectures, quizzes, and in some cases, papers. The home schooling parent or parents using the Christian Leaders Institute in their high school co-op can add papers or field trips to the studies on their own. Then when the student graduates from high school, they also hold a degree from Christian Leaders Institute.

A Christian College That Welcomes Home School Students – How to Enroll

Home schooled children age 13 and up can to sign up for an account at Christian Leaders Institute or Christian Leaders Institute. Follow the steps below.

Set up your free study account. There are two options to explore.

Option 1 – Go Directly to the College Admission Orientation Course

At the dropdown menu, select the College Degree Program tab. You will begin a College Admissions Getting Started Course.  The College admission fee is $125.

Option 2 – Start Tuition-Free Courses and enroll in the college later. 

If you want to start tuition-free courses, select Ministry Training. You will begin the Christian Leaders Getting Started Course (Part 1&2). There is no cost to try the courses out before you get admitted to the college. In this option, you will start at the Christian Leaders Institute instead of at Christian Leaders Institute. In this option, you can study and receive your College Readiness Award completely free of charge.

About Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute is about raising up more Christian leaders. Christian Leaders Institute now has Accreditation Applicant status with the ABHE. We expect to be fully accredited with the United States Department of Education in the future. Right now, we have accredited partners who will recognize your degree.

Christian Leaders Institute offers over 150 courses in partner with its sister organization the Christian Leaders Institute. You will also have access to minister credentials with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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