a new journey

A New Journey

The Lord led Kyle Parcher on a new journey that he did not expect: one that was filled with pain and confusion, but also beauty and true freedom in Christ. Read his story to hear more about his journey and the ways in which God continues to lead him.

Getting My Attention

The past four years here at Christian Leaders Institute and College have been amazing. I started this journey in 2017 while lying on my back in bed due to an injury. The Lord was attempting to get my attention. I had spent my life wrapped around money and how much I could personally create. There were times that I would let God in, but in most cases I spent a fair amount of time marveling at what I had accomplished. The Lord had other plans for me. The day I fell off of my roof was day one of a new journey.

Change of Plans and a New Journey

When I was eighteen, I attended college at Philadelphia College of Bible. My dad called and asked me to come home, just as I was starting my sophomore year. He was battling stage four cancer. So I packed my things and started home, not knowing what to expect. I told God then that if he really wanted me to go to college, then He would have to make it free. My life has been amazing. I met my now wife of 26 years, settled down, and started my own business. Once we had our four boys, life sped up to 120 miles an hour. I dove into money: finding it under rocks and hanging in trees. I found it extremely easy to make. This gave me a sense of accomplishment, and the older I got it became more of game really than anything.

In November of 2016, we were redoing our roof. Before we had time to get the shingles on, snow and rain started to fall. I watched the rain that was now forming in my uber expensive home. Drywall started to cave, and it was time to fix the problem. As I stepped out onto the roof, I swear I heard God tell me not to, but bold Kyle went out anyways. That was day one of a new journey.

Serving Elsewhere

Around 2018, I could not understand why I was studying at CLI/ CLI. My then current church was pushing hard against the schooling. The pastor refused mentorship, and this led to frustration. He does not have a degree and feels that it is unnecessary. He said that, “The Spirit will lead you to all knowledge”. My wife and I started praying to see if the Lord was leading us to serve elsewhere. Sure enough, one year after I started praying, he led me to the little Christian Reformed Church (CRC) across the street. In July of 2019, I was installed as their paid youth pastor. Not only was the pastor ecstatic with my schooling, he has also become my best friend.

God knew exactly where he needed me to serve, and the classes at CLI and CLI were a crash course. Everything I needed to know was right here. My pastor is a Calvin Seminary graduate, and he knows almost everyone who teaches here as well.  However, I did not grow up CRC. I went to a Christian Reformed high school, but everything they did was foreign to me. My church when I was a child until now has been non-denominational. My studies here opened my eyes to a whole new line of thinking. I was not converted on every topic. I still believe in dunk baptisms and the sinner’s prayer, but I am not opposed to sprinkling baptisms or professions of faith.

Removing the Veil

My favorite class here was Hermeneutics and Exegesis with professors Dr. Jeff Weima and Dr. David Feddes. This class helped me to better understand how to read God’s word for all it’s worth. I was listening to one of the lectures while driving one day and it was like a veil fell from my eyes. In fact, I was so amazed by what I learned that I emailed professor Weima right away.

Here is part of the letter I wrote to him: “Today, I was listening to your video on “The Necessity of Hermeneutics” and started weeping at the end. The Lord removed a veil of darkness from my spiritual eyes. A veil that I have carried most of my life and one that Satan has poked at for years. The fear of inadequacy to preach and teach was removed. I am confident to move forward in growing and learning coupled with teaching, and I am not afraid anymore.  I sent up a thanks of praise to God for you today.”

Moving On

I am not sure what the Lord has next for me, but I am going to push hard to finish my studies here at CLI and CLI. With only eight classes standing between me and my Bachelor of Divinity degree, I hope to have that completed by January. I do want to move on. I am looking forward to a master’s program, but I am not sure whom I can take that with yet. The field of study is counseling and it needs to be a program that helps me obtain my state license. I am praying that CLI earns their accreditation, as this will open many doors for students to go into the master’s programs of our choice.