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Admissions Policy

To begin the Christian Leaders Institute program, a student must first enroll at Christian Leaders Institute from the website, using an email address. After confirmation of their email.

Students will complete an Admission Course that explains the programs connected to Christian Leader Ministries, including the Christian Leaders Institute program.  Students complete the Christian Leaders Connection (3 credits) as a further orientation to the programs offered.

Upon completion of the admission course and the Christian Leaders Connections Course, students may then choose to pursue enrollment at the Christian Leaders Institute by enrolling in the Collegiate Credential Study Status class (0 credits).

In this application process, students first pay a $125.00 application fee (discounts apply for Vision Partners, differing by Vision Partner giving level). Next, they must update and submit a well-written student profile to confirm their writing readiness.

Lastly, they must establish their readiness credentials and submit three recommendations. To establish readiness credentials, students must have completed one of the following options:

(1) complete 30 credits at Christian Leaders Institute,

(2), send their official high school transcript or GED,

(3) send an official transcript from another institution of higher learning in order to transfer three credits, or (4) complete the Collegiate Preparation Award at Christian Leaders Institute.

Admissions criteria: Christian Leaders Institute admissions policy requires each applicant to:

  1. Demonstrate earnest desire to learn about Christian belief, practice, and ministry.
  2. Document readiness for study at a postsecondary institution.
  3. Provide evidence of personal integrity and a good reputation.


Admissions process: All applicants for admission to Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) must first be admitted to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). CLI students can obtain official admission to CLI by first completing: the Admission Course, Christian Leaders Connection Class, and then completing the Collegiate Credential Class. Here is a more detailed description of the process for gaining admission to CLI, showing how applicants meet the three admissions criteria by taking these two classes.

To demonstrate earnest desire to learn about Christian belief, practice, and ministry, an applicant must successfully complete the Christian Leaders Connections Class. This class helps students to explore their ministry dreams, sense of calling, leadership traits, and devotional and relational patterns. It familiarizes students with the online learning system and with various branches of Christian Leaders Ministries. The class also prompts each student to identify a local mentor.

To document readiness for college-level studies, the applicant must do one of the following:

  1. Send official high school transcript or official GED to the CLI registrar’s office.
  2. Already have completed 30 credit hours at Christian Leaders Institute.
  3. Earn CLI’s Collegiate Preparation Award, which consists of Christian Leaders Connection, Ministry 101, Christian Basics, Basic Writing, and at least one of these three classes: College Algebra, Ministry Math, or Christian Leaders Enterprise 101.
  4. Transfer at least 3 credits from another college where the student was previously enrolled.

To provide evidence of personal integrity and a good reputation, each applicant must submit three letters of recommendation.

  • One from a ministry leader or a Mentor Minister.
  • One from a spouse (if married) or from a friend (if unmarried).
  • One from a non-family member who knows the applicant well.

Christian Leaders Institute does not discriminate based on ethnicity, race, age, sex, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, immigration status, or economic status. As a religious institution, Christian Leaders Institute reserves the right to make employment and hiring decisions on the basis of religious criteria.