Admission Requirements for Collegiate Credentials

Christian Leaders Institute is the collegiate credentialing arm of Christian Leader Institute. Christian Leaders Institute has a process in place for assuring that the 22 standards are United States Department of Education Accreditation expectations are in place for each credential awarded.

Christian Leaders Institute credentials include:

  • Certificates (33 Credits – 63 Credits)
  • Diplomas (60 Credits – 123 Credits)
  • Associate Degree (62/63 Credits or more)
  • Degrees (125 Credits or more)

Collegiate Credentials Admission Process:

1. Establish your Mission Credential Status to study free Ministry Classes

  • Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute
  • Complete the Getting Started Orientation Class (0 Credits) and the Christian Leaders Connection Class (3 Credits)
  • Take as many free ministry classes as desired.
  • Receive digital awards that reflect you study for ministry work. Official Awards sent by mail have administration fee.
  • Consider becoming ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

2. Establish your Collegiate Credential Status at Christian Leaders Institute

  • Apply for acceptance into Christian Leaders Institute by taking the Collegiate Credential Class.
    • Send Transcripts from High School, GED or Complete the Christian Leaders Institute Readiness Award.
    • Maintain a 2.0 level with your studies at Christian Leaders Institute
    • Gather Three References to your character and calling to ministry.
    • Pay the Administration Fee for the Collegiate Credential Class.
    • Pay the Administration Fees for the Specific Credentials Earned.

Christian Leaders Institute Fees