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Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers you over 125 Tuition-FREE online college courses and affordable degrees to give you a recognized, debt-free college education.


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Much Does A Degree Cost?

Christian Leaders Institute follows a generosity-driven model. Because of the optional donations made by students, individuals and foundations, we’re able to keep our courses tuition-free and our degrees low-cost.

The Price for each degree is $1,250. Monthly financing options are available. There are no hidden expenses or extra costs. Grant Opportunities are available.

What Degrees Are Available?

At CLI, we offer both Associates and Bachelors in Divinity, Chaplaincy, and Christian Leadership (concentrations in other ministry fields, business, and philosophy). You will have access to accredited college partners who accept our degrees if you want to pursue a Master’s degree or carry your degree over into a different field (business, education, etc.)

Christian Leader College Graduate Story

Ebony Collins was looking for an affordable Christian college online for many reasons. As a mother of five children, a wife, and an author of a book on victorious Christian living, she is busy and needs to redeem every moment. Check out the recently published book, Heavenly Glasses: Vision Check (author name, Ebony Daniels). This book encourages you to put on the heavenly glasses to see how obstacles can be seen in a positive way to live a more purposeful and joy-filled life ultimately.

Affordable Christian College Online – A Student Journey

An affordable Christian College option is needed. God was putting a call on Ebony’s heart. Below, Ebony shares her journey with Christian Leaders Institute.

Entering the Associates of Divinity degree program was a bold choice for me. As a wife and mom of five, I never thought I would be able to begin, let alone complete an actual degree program. I wasn’t raised in a church-going, God-praising family. My parents allowed me to go to church, but they never encouraged me to go. My love, relationship, and connection to God was organic. It was born within me as a young girl and never let me go.

Ebony Receives a Sign

Ebony hit the pause button for many years in her adult years. She maintained her relationship with God but made many choices “I am not sure I would make again, and that shaped my walk with God. Those choices changed my course at times. But I know that even those things were used for my good and are now being used to the glory of God.”

Eventually, she began finding her way back to church. Then, God gave her a sign.

One night, I was driving and drowning in depression with tear-filled eyes. I pulled over to cry, and when I looked up, I saw a church sign that said, “Victory Ministries of Christ.” It had a picture of a woman (pastor) wearing purple. This night, church was releasing and one of the members stopped at my car to ask if I was alright. What are the odds of that? This member invited me to service and said she would keep me in her prayers.

God Used a Pastor and a Church to Ignite a Calling

Ebony attended Victory Ministries of Christ. Pastor Jekia Lanise Ledbetter mentored her in developing a walk with God. She inspired her to take responsibility for her walk with God. Ebony tells about the moment when Pastor Ledbetter challenged her.

 One time, she did something that forever changed my relationship with God. I called her and told her my struggles and asked her to pray for me, and she told me, “NO!” I was flabbergasted, astonished, and shocked, to say the least. She quickly added, “You know God! You better learn how to pray for yourself because no one can talk to God about you…better than YOU.” That changed everything for me. From that moment forward, I started to talk to God multiple times a day. I found peace, comfort, love, and joy in HIM.

Affordable Christian College Online – The Calling in Focus

Ebony has grown through Pastor Jekia at the Victory Ministries of Christ church she and her family attend. She has become an author of inspiring books and a local mentor and leader of others such as family and friends.

Recently, her calling has come into focus. She began Christian Leaders Institute to get her college degree.

For years, I have been the spiritual compass for friends and family. Most recently, God has begun placing me in situations where people who have come to an impasse in their walk are in my presence and ask questions regarding my faith, belief system, and walk with God.

These conversations sparked a desire to become a spiritual life coach. I have such a passion for introducing people to the God I love and serve and also help them foster deeper relationships with God and grow in Him.

Affordable Christian College Online – The Christian Leaders Institute Concept

Most colleges promote themselves as affordable. What does that mean? An affordable Christian College Online usually charges between $200-$400 a credit hour. That means an Associate Degree would cost $12,000-$24,000. That is still too much for many called Christian leaders. Source

That was too much for Ebony.

The struggle has been the financial aspect. This opportunity to attend classes tuition-free affords me the opportunity to receive the training that I believe will help me go further in my calling.

I am grateful for the blessing of Christian Leaders Institute. I would not have been able to attain this knowledge had it not been for the affordability and the amazing instructors. My life is changed, and I plan to spread that around to as many people as possible.

The Christian Leaders Institute concept separates the cost of the online courses and the administration fees. Vision Partners pay for the online courses, and students cover the administration fees. Check out the Christian Leaders Institute Concept.

Associate Degree in Divinity Completed

In December 0f 2021, Ebony finished her Associate Degree in Divinity. When students complete their degrees, they are asked to write an exit paper highlighting the courses that touched them. Ebony shared how the Christian Leaders Institute courses impacted her.

I’ve already noticed the impact that what I have learned has on those around me. Early on, I yearned for the ability to influence and bring others to God. I always thought I lacked boldness, but now I know that I also lacked knowledge. There is a certain understanding of the Word of God and history that you must have to effectively move in ministry. I didn’t have what was needed for this journey. There were some questions that I was incapable of answering and that would have potentially turned someone away from Christianity.

I am fully aware that no one has all the answers, however, there are questions that you can’t freeze up on. The many courses offered answered most of those questions. Participating in this program is one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life.

Are you looking for a genuinely affordable Christian college online that will give you access to the education you need to fulfill your calling? Christian Leaders Institute might be the right fit for you!

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