Divinity Bachelor for Hospice Chaplaincy

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What can you do with a bachelor’s degree?

  • Church Minister Position
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Christian Leaders Institute has granted over two hundred Bachelor’s degrees from 2019 through November 2021.

Divinity Bachelor for Hospice Chaplaincy Ministry

Toni Corbiere is utilizing her Bachelor of Divinity degree for a position as a Hospice Chaplain.

The value of the Bachelor of Divinity Degree program offered by Christian Leaders Institute is significant.  I began my academic journey with CLI in December of 2018.  I received a calling to Chaplaincy, and I can honestly say I am blessed beyond belief.

My name is Toni Corbiere.  I live in Reno, Nevada, have been married for 18 years, and am a mother of three incredible boys.

Chaplaincy is my calling which God revealed to me when I came face to face with the consequences of a sinful life.  Leaving my dead life behind, being born again, and embracing my calling has been a beautiful, fruitful blessing. I began my ministry training with CLI in December of 2018.

I have acquired my Associate of Divinity Degree, and my Bachelor of Divinity Degree. So, I am a Chaplain Minister and currently work as a Hospice Chaplain.  I enjoy leading a Bible study with my family and teaching youth ministry to my children.

The Divinity Degree Brought Healing

Halfway through my Associates of Divinity program, I found myself healing and beginning to thrive. I was learning to enjoy life again.  I noticed during my studies that the lessons seemed to apply to what I was experiencing in life.  It was as if God was speaking to me through lectures, videos, and readings.  Everything connected with me on a personal and spiritual level.

Chaplain Minister to My Father

God blessed me with the most beautiful experience of being a chaplain to my father who passed in April 2020 from pancreatic cancer.  I sat near my father’s bedside days before he died and prayed over him, and listened to his final words.  I am at peace with my father’s passing for the Lord was with us during that time. He taught us to appreciate our last moments together, to grieve with one another during the process, and accept the Lord’s will with trust and love.

My father’s illness taught me the beauty in physical death, the gift of dignity to a dying person, and the reality of the impact physical death has on the living outside of the loss and pain. It offers abundance in spiritual life.  God was with me. His presence was intentional.  God confirmed my calling as a Chaplain through my father’s illness and death.  Not only was my calling confirmed, but God also taught me how to rely on Him.  He is my rock, my mentor, my confidant, my safe place, my friend.  I lost my earthly father, and that loss opened my eyes to see my heavenly Father truly.

Employed as a Hospice Chaplain

Fulfilling my calling as a Chaplain has been a humbling experience.  Growing closer to Jesus has helped me overcome my sin and past hurts, to forgive my offenders and myself. On a professional level, this Bachelor of Divinity program enabled me to be employed as a hospice chaplain.

Being a Hospice Chaplain is the most rewarding position.  Looking back on the experience I had with my father, I see how God prepared me for hospice.  It still amazes me how God can take something broken and make something beautiful come from it.  That is how I now see death.  Death is permanent in a physical sense; however, it is the beginning of our eternal life. One chapter ends, another begins.  Death and spirituality have always been connected.

The Divinity program has taught me that the spirituality behind death drives us to search for what is consumed in the beyond.  If we never faced death, we would not have a reason to seek spirituality.  Death promotes many emotions, we grieve for those we lose, and we grieve for others who experience loss.  It amazes me to think spirituality connects all of us, whether we know each other or not.  I believe this for our hearts ache when we see a fellow human hurting or dying.  Our hearts ache for those who experience loss. In essence, we are all one, loved by one God

 “Divinity” in the Divinity Degree

Divinity is powerful.  It teaches us the behaviors, attitudes, and actions of Jesus.  Divinity is extraordinary, for it can be found outside of school, such as an AA meeting when alcoholics gather and share their deepest darkest secrets, reconciling with God and themselves in search of healing.  Divinity is a gift given to the chosen.  Moses and Samuel received this gift when encountering their enemies.  Divinity is multifaceted.  It carries justice and beauty. Divinity is Godly.  Divinity is God’s way of intervention and is the Godhead itself.

I am grateful for Christian Leaders Institute.  God led me to this school, and my education has supported me in becoming a hospice chaplain.  I encourage all interested in searching for spirituality or answering their calling to contact Christian Leaders Institute.  Your journey will blossom, and your growth will flourish.

Do You Need a Master’s Degree?

Are you interested in a Ministry or Chaplaincy career that requires a Master of Divinity?  Christian Leaders Institute wants you to save your resources for paying for your master’s degree.

For instance, most career Chaplain positions require a Master Degree in Divinity or Ministry.  Since Chaplaincy is a growing ministry career field and often requires a Master Degree from accredited universities, Christian Leaders Institute has assembled a list of fully accredited Master College and Seminary partners.  This Bachelor of divinity degree is one degree recognized by our partner schools. See Partner list.

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