by the grace of God

Achieving Her Goal by the Grace of God

As a 57-year-old  student of Christian Leaders Institute (CLI), Martha Brabaek’s dream goal was to obtain an Associate in Enterprise Degree by 2020. Although she has never taken any college-level courses until now, the time has come for her to achieve this lofty goal by the grace of God.

Answer to Prayers

Christian Leaders Institute was an answer to my prayers. I asked the Lord to allow me to go to school to obtain a degree from a Christian educational institution. However, I was quickly stopped by the massive expense to enroll in any of the Christian Universities located in Colorado. As I look back, I see that God’s timing is always perfect. By the grace of God, Christian Leaders Institute been a great fit for me and my financial situation. I would not have been able to consistently attend a traditional brick-and-mortar university. I am a home-schooling mother and it would have been difficult for me to attend college courses in-person.

By The Grace of God

After I realized I could not attend a local Christian university, God compelled me to do an extensive internet search for an online Christian college. By the grace of God, I found my beloved Christian Leaders Institute and College. The education I have received through this program has been of the highest level. I have only praise and gratitude for what the Lord has provided through these nearly two years of study. As a result of the flexible on-line format, I have been able to maintain a consistent pace of learning. Sometimes I have studied on my phone in my car, and other times in the middle of the night at my home. Regardless of the time and place of study, it has been an enriching experience.

Supportive Staff

Another aspect that has been outstanding is the support that the staff has provided. The Christian Leaders Institute staff has had to put up with many questions and a few missteps on my part. They have always been gracious and supportive beyond words. As a new student, this was an encouragement to me and helped me press on even when I was discouraged.

Impactful Classes

As I look back over the last several months, I have been pleasantly surprised that every class has applied to my life. Each class has been a blessing, and the Lord has used what I have learned in wonderful ways. Some of the most important facets of what I have learned have been the improvement to my Christian walk.

The classes in Christian leadership have made the biggest impact in my day-to-day life. Those studies were outstanding, and I have been able to apply what I have learned. First and foremost, I have applied it in my household with my family, and secondly in the public arena through my volunteer work. I have gained confidence in my ability to deal with people in a Christian manner, even in difficult circumstances. I feel able to represent our Lord as a true Christian Ambassador because of the classes I have taken.

Challenges Along the Way

Additionally, during my educational journey, an unexpected pair of situations arose earlier this year that challenged me in many ways. I have seen where the Lord prepared my heart through the various Christian leadership classes that I had previously taken. In January, I learned that I needed a complete hip replacement. This was both shocking and unexpected. As I was investigating the best way to have the procedure done, the worldwide bombshell of COVID-19 dropped. As a result of the complete shutdown of nearly everything, my surgery was put on hold along with many other things.

Through it all, our Lord has been merciful. He has kept my eyes on Him and on continuing the completion of my education. Praise God for His steadfastness and the strength He provides to His children! Romans 8:28 says that, “we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose” (NIV). God is always looking after us and we can be confident that His precious promises to all of his children are always for our good.

Looking Ahead

I can definitely say this has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life as a Christian. Overall, I am so grateful to God for the strong desire He has placed in me to continue my educational pursuits at my age. If it is God’s will, I plan to sign up to obtain the Bachelor of Christian Leadership with Christian Leaders Institute this fall. I will possibly even push beyond that point to pursue a Master’s degree in Christian leadership! I do not know what the Lord has in store for my future. However, I can rest assured it is going to be good, and probably thrilling as well!