Christian Leaders Institute Mission Shares

Christian Leaders Institute is an institution of higher education with the mission to multiply Christian leaders worldwide with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong and empowered ministry skills, and a passion for making and multiplying disciples, expanding God’s church, and sparking a revival.

We desire that everyone is welcome to study and complete their degrees. But how can this desire translate into reality? What funding concept is needed?

We have adopted a Misson Share Funding Concept. The Mission Share connect you to supporting the mission of Christian Leaders Institute.

Your Mission Shares support: 

  • The Spread of Free Online Ministry Training
  • Your Administration Fees
  • Student Services
  • Ministry Formaton Intitives
  • Program Development

This Mission Share support is your investment in multiplying difference-makers through out the world.

The Mission Share concept allows you to fund your education without going into debt and be part of multiplying ministers everywhere. Those who cannot support their degree Mission Shares can access a benevolence Ministry Share scholarship based on established merit.

Admission Process

Each student is guided through acceptance, enrollment, grant possibilities, and the payment of Mission Shares. This all happens in the Christian Leaders Institute Admissions Class.

Christian Leaders Institute Admissions Class

After you set up an account with either Christian Leaders Institute, you will enroll in MIN 015 – Christian Leaders Institute Admissions Class. This Admissions Class class will guide you through the application, acceptance, and enrollment steps. In this class, you will connect to the college administrative staff. After paying for your Mission Shares and completing the CLI Admissions Class, you will enroll in your degree program.

Two primary Mission Shares cover admissions to a degree program:

  • College Application Share
  • Degree Program Share

Some students may be eligible to participate in our transfer degree option if they have previously earned a degree at another institution. A $250 transfer share would apply to these students.

College Share Information Application Share

The Application Share covers the admissions process into the college.

Application Share: $125

  • The Admissions process is detailed below:
  • Verifying your admission Share Payment
  • Establishing your readiness credentials
  • Verifying your identity
  • Fulfilling an essential writing proficiency activity for English Submitting three recommendations
  • Pay Degrees Share

Degree Mission Shares:

Associate’s Degree: $1,500

Bachelor’s Degree: $3,000

Degree Administration costs cover:

Staff and professor involvement in completing required courses and credits of a degree program. The details of transferring any previous college credits that can be applied to your degree program College Administration, Help Desk, and Administration Staff College Accreditation Journey, Staff, and Expenses College Promotions Program Expenses Technology Expenses Getting a Christian Leaders Institute ID Card (student pays postage) Transfer Share The transfer share applies to students who have received an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree at another institution and are bypassing enrollment into an Associate Degree Program so that they begin their degree program enrollment in a CLI Bachelor Degree Program instead.

Refund Policy:

CLI’s admission application and degree program Mission Shares are refundable for 30 days. After that, they are non-refundable.

Share Payment Details

Payment Plans Available Monthly payment plans for the Degree Program are available. Once the payments for the Degree Program have been paid in full, payments will cease. All Mission Shares must be paid before a student may complete a degree program. A student cannot enroll in a degree program until the first payment toward the Mission Share.

Mission Share Grants

If you need additional help paying for the degree program Mission Shares, click here for the Grant options. There are grants for developing nations, veterans, retirees, disabilities, single parents, academics, vision partners, etc.

If you meet the requirements for any of our available institutional grants, we ask that you only request the grant if needed. If a grant is given, it will be subtracted from your Degree Mission Share payment balance. You must apply for your grant when you make your one-time payment or before you set up your monthly payments.

Degree Mission Share Scholarship

In some situations, a Degree Mission Share scholarship is needed for the entire degree Mission Shares.

Christian Leaders Institute operates a Pool of Bethesda Scholarship program for those who cannot afford our admission and degree Mission Shares. Christian Leaders Institute’s passion is to remove as many barriers as possible for someone to receive their education and credentials. Click here for more information about this scholarship option.

Funding for the Pool of Bethesda Scholarship program comes from vision partners or one-time donations, and this funding may not be available to everyone who applies. Please do not apply for this scholarship unless you have no other option. There is no guarantee that a scholarship will become available for you. We do not charge tuition, and Christian Leaders Institute does not plan to receive Title IV funds. We do not participate in federal or state financial aid programs.