Christian Leaders Institute Milestones

Christian Leaders NFP (Christian Leaders Ministries) and Christian Leaders Institute Milestones…

2001: Christian Leaders nfp (also called Christian Leaders Ministries) was formed.

2006: Christian Leaders Institute was launched to provide correspondence college-level classes for the raising up of volunteer, bi-vocational (part-time) and vocational (full-time) ministry leaders.

2015: January 1, 2015, brought a new dimension to Christian Leaders with the launch of the Degree Program, in which students could earn their Associate and/or Bachelor of Divinity.  This was meant to meet the demands of those who wanted or needed collegiate credentials.

2016: Christian Leaders Ministries continued to expand with locations in three places: Florida, Illinois, and Michigan. The Clearwater, Florida, location eventually became the official headquarters of Christian Leaders Institute.

2017:  Christian Leaders continued to expand its educational offerings. This included launching the Enterprise Program, which provides students with essential skills to start a successful new venture or gain employment in the business community. This program is very helpful for bi-vocational students or students who serve as a pastor.

2018: Christian Leaders launched five additional degree program tracks: Chaplaincy, Christian Living, Christian Enterprise, Ministry, and Workplace Ministry.

2019: Christian Leaders Institute was officially established. CLI remains closely linked with Christian Leaders Institute, but CLI has its own president and board, with a mandate to pursue rigorous accreditation standards and procedures for its degrees, diplomas, and certificates.