The Christian Leaders Institute opportunity is a ministry of Christian Leaders NFP based in Clearwater, Florida. Christian Leaders Institute offers online correspondence classes that are offered free at Christian Leaders Institute based in Spring Lake, Michigan.

The Christian Leaders Institute opportunity is for those who want to take the correspondence classes from top faculty and turn them into college credentials. While the classes at Christian Leaders Institute are donor-supported free, the Christian Leaders Institute opportunity does include some fees. These fees are administration costs.

Christian Leaders Institute will set up a structure that adheres to the standards of the US Department of Education accreditation. Fully accredited schools, like Ohio Christian University, do accept into admission graduates of Christian Leaders Institute.

Hundreds have enrolled for this Christian Leaders Institute opportunity and completed their credentials. Click here to see statistics. At the end of a degree program, graduates are asked to reflect on their time at Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Institute. Here is the exit paper of Tera Shug that talks about her time at the Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Institute.

My Time at Christian Leaders Institute

By Tera Schug


My time at Christian Leaders Institute has been filled with wise professors, enriching Christian Leaders Institute OpportunityChristian Leaders Institute CLI) classes, and helpful classmates. I have favorite classes that I have taken, each for different reasons. I have learned many things that will help me in my personal life and in my ministry. Despite many setbacks in getting my degree, God has shown me that things are not always as they seem.

My Favorite Classes

     My favorite classes at CLI have been Church History, Old Testament Survey, Astronomy, and Intro to Chaplaincy.  I enjoyed taking Church History because it tells the story of our church family; it tells of their wisdom, triumphs, mistakes, and downfalls. I think all believers should take this class for their own spiritual enrichment. It has shown me what to watch out for in terms of ideas and doctrines that lead to sin and mistakes. It has also helped me to understand what to avoid in my own spiritual walk. Lastly, Church History helped me to better understand what challenges and opportunities might lie ahead of the modern church family, and how to approach them. I think this class thoroughly glorifies God and his faithfulness throughout the ages.

     Old Testament Survey is one of my favorite classes for several reasons; one reason is because of its practical applications to modern life. I think Prof. Feddes does an excellent job of applying Old Testament laws, ideas, and ways to our life now, and what those things look like under the new covenant. I think Prof. Feddes effectively explained how all of the different things in the Old Testament mirrored Jesus, spoke of his coming, and prepared the way for Him.

     I have enjoyed taking Astronomy because of how well it explained that science can, and does, support Christianity. I think this class is excellent in how it explains that creation still sings praises of God and that God created science as a way for us to explore and learn about Himself through His creation.

     Lastly, Intro to Chaplaincy is one of my favorite classes at CLI because it has taught me the principles of ministering to the emotionally distressed, the physically ill, and the dying. I like that this class teaches how you might apply practical applications of scripture within the ministry. I thought this class also gave a thorough introduction into what chaplaincy positions are available, and how to go about pursuing one of those positions.

Knowledge (What I Have Learned)

     I have learned so many things from my classes at CLI. One of the things that I have learned is how to communicate better. I now understand that being a better listener is the first step to effective communication. Learning to see the other person’s point of view, valuing that person more than being right, being aware of emotions, establishing boundaries, and learning how to not get offended, are key factors in communicating in a godly manner.

     I have learned how Christianity has affected, changed, and influenced different cultures throughout history. I have learned of specific people, events, and ideas of church history. I now know much more about church history, and how to evaluate future events in light of past events, and in light of Jesus Christ.

     From my classes, at CLI I have gained much more knowledge of biblical scripture. I have learned about the important theological themes from the Old and New Testament. I understand the difference between the old law and the new covenant. I know, in more detail, how the Old Testament biblical people, prophets, and prophecies prepare and point to the coming of Jesus Christ. I also have more knowledge and understanding of the meaning of Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection; the meaning of Christianity.

Wisdom (How I Have and Will Apply That Knowledge)

     The things that I have learned have impacted my life, my family, and people that I come in contact with. These classes have shaped me personally, in that I believe my classes have encouraged me to dive deeper into my relationship with God, to communicate in a more loving and honoring manner, to care about what God cares about, and even how to explain how much God loves other people.

     What I have learned has affected my husband as well. It has made me a more patient and honoring communicator. This has affected our marriage for the better by how I deal with conflict. My husband has also noticed that taking classes has given me more perseverance.

     By taking these classes, I have also become bolder in sharing the gospel, learning and applying Scripture, and have become more effective in ministering to people. I think this has helped Holy Spirit through my change and enrich my circle of influence. I feel that I have become more like Christ, that I love people more, that I can effectively minister to people for Christ, and that I can better represent Him.

     I know that what I have learned at CLI will help me to live intentionally in God’s will, enable me to understand what it means to be a daughter of God, and how to walk that out in everyday life. It will help me be a praying, godly, honoring, and loving wife to my husband. I believe that it will help me be a more godly, intimate friend. I also believe that the classes at CLI have well equipped me for ministry as a Chaplain; I feel that I am well equipped to listen, counsel, and be a representative of Christ.

Perseverance (Pursuing My Degree Despite Challenges)

     What has been most challenging about getting my degree at CLI has been the personal setbacks that I have experienced. My husband is in the military, so we have moved four times in three years. (This isn’t normal, this is due to training.) The process of moving involves so much that it makes it difficult to do course work the way I had originally planned to. I also had a physical illness for about six months last year, which also contributed to my coursework not being completed in a timely manner. It has taken me about three years to get a two-year degree. While this has been somewhat discouraging, the Lord strengthens and encourages me in the fact that I have also accomplished other major things in my life during that time. Accomplishments such as getting married to my best friend, moving four times across three different states, having two different jobs, and all while still trying to minister to people along the way. I believe that the setbacks and accomplishments have both been used for my personal benefit and growth, as well as glorifying God, and for the good of others in my life.


     I have learned many things from my time at Christian Leaders Institute taking the Christian Leaders Institute classes with the help of the Holy Spirit. The things I have learned include: how to communicate in a more honorable and loving manner, about Christianity throughout the ages and how to discern future events based on past ones, and about major themes and principles of scripture. I believe that I can use what I have learned in my own life, as well as in the lives of my family, friends, and beyond. I will be a more effective representative of Jesus Christ from having taken classes at CLI, as well as a more effective Chaplain. I have had many struggles in finishing my degree in a timely manner, but ultimately, I believe the setbacks have been used for my good, and for the good of others. I would have never succeeded and finished my education at Christian Leaders Institute without the support of my husband, family, friends, professors, and classmates.