Are you seeking confidence and competence as a Christian leader?  Welcome to an online Bible college that offers free Bible courses, ministry college credentials, adult education ministry awards, ordination options, and much more!

Are you called to minister as a full-time, part-time, or volunteer Christian leader?

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) – Degree Programs

These online Bible college programs serve those who need college credentials. Many who are seeking employment will find Christian Leaders Institute a fit. Christian Leaders Institute offers certificates, diplomas, and degrees. You take free courses but low fees apply for the credentialing process. You earn college-level credentials.

In November 2019, the ABHE accepted Christian Leaders Institute into Applicant Status for accreditation that is recognized by the United States Department of Education. Our college is now listed in their directory.

There are low administration fees that apply for the credentials at Christian Leaders Institute. The fees are used to assure that the standards of accreditation are followed for college degree-seeking students.

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) – Ministry Learning Path

You may minister as a volunteer, part, or full-time leader. Train with the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). CLI offers free college courses where you will advance in your ministry learning.

Christian Leaders Institute offers free online Bible college courses available to you. You get access to over 100 free online classes where you can earn credentials that will help you in your personal growth and/or your ministry work. This ministry school is great for many situations.

These free online Bible courses will increase your knowledge of the Bible, discipleship, and witness for Jesus Christ.

Christian Leaders Alliance – CLA – Certifications

Christian Leaders Alliance is the ministry certification arm of the Christian Leaders Institute.

You can also take free online ministry training classes with the Christian Leaders Institute for local license or ordination clergy recognition. The Christian Leaders Alliance also oversees the Life Coach Certification.

Check out which certification program fits you:

Take Free Online Bible College Courses

Our goal is to help you courageously share Jesus Christ for global impact and worldwide ministry!

Explore Christianity through these classes and also discover what your next step as a Christian leader is. We have several free Christian leadership classes that will help you!

Check Out Some Sample Free Online Bible Courses

Study the Bible by taking our Old Testament or New Testament Survey classes. Learn essential Christian teachings in the Christian Basics class. Learn how to share a relationship with Christ in the Evangelism class. Enroll in our Pastoral Care or Chaplaincy class. Learn how to plant a house church or a local church. Enjoy improving your own marriage by taking the Marriage Ministry course. Get more perspective on life by diving into the Christian Philosophy course. We also offer enterprise classes. All the courses are free. There are over 100 classes available which include plenty of Award levels and College Credential options.

All these Online Bible College courses include lectures, course materials, and quizzes. These Christian college classes can be used for personal improvement, ministry readiness, or college credit with the Christian Leaders Institute.

How is this possible?

These online Bible courses are free to you. They are made possible through a generosity-driven model like a local church. Vision Partners share to fund the Christian Leaders Institute budget, including foundations, churches, and individuals. Students also give to keep these classes free! You have no obligation to give, however, to take these free classes or receive recognized digital awards.

Start your Christian education journey by enrolling in our admissions activity that takes around two hours to complete. You do not need a high school diploma, but you must complete the admissions class so that you thrive in your studies if you want to study ministry topics.

Options to Consider with this Ministry College

Christian Leaders Institute may be right for you if you are seeking to take your next step in your Christian education journey.  Here are some options you may want to consider:

This program might fit you if:

  • You do not want to accumulate debt for your ministry training.
  • You want to study at your own pace in your own time.
  • You are looking for an adult college program that fits a tight budget (Maybe you are a senior Christian leader who is preparing for your second calling. Maybe you are a single mom looking for an inexpensive program).
  • You are homeschooled and you want a low-cost college program.
  • You are looking to complete a Master’s degree at a lower cost by transferring to one of our partners.
  • You are an international student in a remote place and seek a certificate, diploma, or degree.

There are many more reasons people choose Christian Leaders Institute. There are over 800 degrees graduates. Source

The fact is that more and more publications are featuring stories of bi-vocational leaders. Christian Leaders Institute graduates are using their degrees to do both vocational and bi-vocational ministry. Click here to read stories of degree graduates.

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