Course Enrollment Period

A student enrolling in a course will have 180 days to complete the coursework and receive a passing grade. If they do not complete the course in the allotted timeframe, they will then be automatically un-enrolled from the course. At this point, all their work in that course will be removed from the system. If they were unable to complete the course, they will need to start over. Since CLI’s courses are all offered online, students are able to access the courses 365 days a year at any time.

Course Enrollment Limit Policy

A student can only be self-enrolled in five (5) courses at one time. A student cannot enroll in additional courses until they have completed a current course with a passing grade or until they are un-enrolled at the end of the enrollment period.

Previewing a course

A CLI student may review a course’s content, the course overview, the course’s goals, and assignments without being enrolled in the course.

Course languages

All courses are available in English. Check with CLI about the availability of the courses in other languages.

Transfer of credits to CLI

Christian Leaders Institute does offer core class credits, but if a student has taken any of these core credits at another college, they can have the official transcript sent to Christian Leaders Institute for review. Christian Leaders Institute will accept traditional or non-traditional accreditation courses if our registrar can verify that the college is a provider of quality higher education. Courses must have a grade of C- or higher to be eligible for transfer. CLI will potentially accept up to 60 credit hours toward the requirements of a bachelor degree. Students should follow the steps for the degree program with regards to transcript review: 1) Complete the Collegiate Credential Study Status class; 2) Complete the degree program orientation; 3) Make payment toward a degree (monthly or in full); 4) Wait for acceptance into the degree program; 5) Request that other institutions send your official transcript in a sealed envelope to:


Christian Leaders Institute

Attn: Registrar

17771 West Spring Lake Road

Spring Lake, MI 49456

United States of America


OR the educational institution can email the official transcript directly to

The fee for reviewing official transcripts is included in the degree programs’ administration fees. It costs $150.00 to transfer credits to the Bachelor Degree program for students with a previously earned associate or bachelor degree who will bypass taking the Associate Degree at CLI. After credits are reviewed, any applicable classes and credits will be transferred into the student’s record by our official registrar.


Transfer of credits from CLI to other institutions

The receiving institution determines the transfer of academic credits to any institution. The student who plans to transfer CLI credits is advised to check with the receiving institution.


In order to request an official transcript, students must pay a $10.00 processing fee and fill out a Transcript Release Form. Once the student has completed paying the processing fee and filling out the Transcript Release Form, CLI will process and release the student’s official transcript.

Policy on Validating Credits Earned at Unaccredited Institutions

In order for CLI to properly validate credits earned by students at unaccredited institutions, the following three verification steps will need to be fulfilled:


  1. Institutions must demonstrate that achievements were earned by means of comprehensive examinations.
  2. The institution will need to provide syllabi, faculty credentials, grading standards, and other relevant learning resources for review to CLI.
  3. Students must demonstrate successful completion of at least 15 credits of study at CLI.