Christian Leaders Institute maintains these standards for examinations and grading.

Test and Exams

Evaluation is built into each step of the CLI curriculum. Course objectives listed at the beginning of each course help guide the student to the desired learning outcomes. The audiovisual and reading materials present content and directives for the student related to the course’s scope. Courses are generally divided into sections/weeks. Quizzes at the end of each section’s lessons test the student’s mastery of the content. The quizzes are based on the lessons’ content.



With the Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connections course, students are able to retake the quizzes. However, once past the Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connections course, students are only able to attempt a timed quiz one time. Christian Leaders Institute allows students to drop their lowest quiz grade in each course. This allows students to receive grace – in line with our mission – if students have any technological or personal issues during their classes. Students are only able to see the correct answers to a quiz if they score 80% or better on the quiz.

In the case that a student experiences technology issues, the student must provide CLI with evidence of this event. CLI will then review each case individually and make a decision. A student will only be allowed one quiz reset per class due to technology issues when deemed appropriate after a thorough review by a Christian Leaders NFP staff member.

CLI Policy for Retaking a Failed Class

  1. A student will be allowed to retake onefailed class. After that, a retake will be permitted only as a rare exception and with special permission from the registrar and. Item 2 also applies.
  2. A student who fails any class must wait at least six months after the date of enrollment in that course endsto re-enroll in the course he or she wishes to retake. The date you may re-enroll is shown along with your grades. You may re-enroll only once in the course you wish to re-take.
  3. Grading for a retaken class will be based on subtracting a full letter grade from the grade the student gets the second time. For example, A on the retake would result in B on the transcript. B- on the retake would result in C- on the transcript.
  4. A student will continue to have an F in the course until the failed class has been completed. The student then must contact the registrar to have his or her grade updated. To request an update to the grade in a retaken course, the registrar must be contacted at the following email:


Right to Appeal

Regarding credit transfers: Christian Leaders Institute will evaluate credits taken at other seminaries or Bible schools to be transferred into Christian Leaders Institute. The decision of our registrar can be appealed once by emailing:

Regarding expulsion: If a student believes charges of cheating or plagiarism are not accurate, he or she may appeal to the Registrar. After consideration of his/her case and any further information he/she provides, the Registrar will make a final decision on whether the student will remain a student at CLI or be expelled.

Regarding a Failing Grade Due to Plagiarism: If the student wishes to appeal the failed grade for plagiarism, the student may contact the Registrar. If the Registrar determines that the plagiarism is unintentional and on a small scale, the student may be allowed to redo the assignment for a grade.

Grading Scale


Granting Credentials

A student must complete all assignments before the final deadline or they will be automatically unenrolled, and all course work will be removed.

In order to gain credit for a course, a student’s average grade for all assignments in a class must be at least 60%. Otherwise, the student will fail the class and not receive credit for the course.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at CLI relates to a student’s academic status. A student with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher is considered to be meeting SAP requirements.

A student is expected to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher while studying at CLI.

In the case that a student does not maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher, he or she is considered to be on academic probation. He or she is then instructed to contact Help Desk at to discuss study habits and receive additional resources to help him or her achieve success.

If a student is unable to show improvement in his/her grades, he/she may be asked to resume studies at a time when they may be more successful.

Time Extensions for Study

If a student has a valid reason for the need for a time extension of a course, the student should contact Help Desk at or (616) 777-0305. Help Desk will review the student’s provided information and determine whether a time extension is allowable. Time extensions will not exceed two weeks except in very rare exceptions that must be approved by the registrar.