Meet The Team

Christian Leaders Faculty

Rev. Henry
Reyenga Jr.

President, Professor of Ministry

Welcome Letter from David Feddes

Dr. David

Provost, Professor of Ministry, Theology, and Biblical Studies

Dr. Gabriela

Director of Spanish and Professor of Ministry, Theology, and Biblical Studies

Dr. Mark Vander Meer

Professor of Social Science, Self-Care and Recovery, Addiction Recovery, & Ministry

Dr. Jim Ausfahl

Professor of Practical Mathematics & Science

Naomi Irene Bambara

Director of French Program, Professor of Business

Dr. Bruce Ballast

Professor of Missions, Preaching, and Leadership

Christian Leaders Content Providers

Content from the following individuals is incorporated into courses.

John Chen

Chinese Program Director

Dr. Paul

French Program Director



Dr. Roger Green

Biblical and Theological Studies

Pastor Steve Elzinga

Enterprise, Life Coach, and Practical Skills

Dr. Carolyn Osiek

Early Church History

Dr. Roy Clouser


Ron Carter

Director of Training and Resources for the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative

Ben Ingebretson

Church Planting

Dr. Ed


Dr. Ted Hildebrandt

Biblical Studies

Ray VanderLaan

Biblical Studies

Dr. Jeff Weima

Biblical Hermeneutics

Susan De La Fuente

English as a Second Language

John DeVries


Dr. Drew Brown

Pastoral Care

Pedro Aviles

Biblial Studies

The Late Ken Dignan

Disability Concerns

Joel Miller

Practical Theology

Duane Nieuwsma

Old Testament Theology

Dr. Kevin Leman

Pastoral Care

Pastor Brian
DeCook, JD

Reconciliation and Church Law

Dr. Anthony Raimondo

Senior Adult Ministries

Tom Tubergen


Larry Kreider

Church Planting

Dr. Branson Parler

Gender and Sexuality

Lawrence Reed


Our Faculty are qualified and credentialed professors who are trustworthy in teaching and guiding their students in their personal and professional ministry preparation.

"These professors love God with undivided devotion. Their devotion and perception of God has remained unchanged and untainted by the current trends among the learned theologians. They are not simply giving us knowledge, but rather imparting the faith! "
Patrick Mwongera
CLI Alumni