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Have you found yourself in a situation where you wished you knew how to defend your Christian faith? Do you want to help people see belief in Jesus Christ as an option? Would you like to take free apologetics courses online?

Christian Apologetics (Greek: ἀπολογία) is a branch of Christian theology that defends Christianity against objections. 

Dr. David Feddes of Christian Leaders Institute teaches a free Christian Apologetics course accessible for adult education study with the Christian Leaders Institute or degree credit with the Christian Leaders Institute.

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Steve, a student at Christian Leaders Institute, was confronted with helping one of his children overcome doubt. Steve enrolled in one of the free Apologetics courses offered at Christian Leaders Institute. Here is Steve’s story.

Son Asking Serious Questions

My name is Steven, my beautiful wife’s name is Victoria, and we have three exceptional children.

I grew up with checkered church life. I didn’t grow to honestly know the Lord until just a couple of years ago when we began attending a home church. The close-knit style encouraged accountability.Free Christian Apologetics Courses

My oldest son, 11 at the time, started asking very serious questions and even stated that he didn’t believe God was real. This statement broke me as a person and drove me to seek God on a new level and introduced me to the world of Apologetics.

I am proud to join CLI to grow in Christ and improve my overall understanding of the Bible. My dream is to take this knowledge and step up further in my church and community to reach more people with the truth.

Free Apologetics Courses at CLI

Christian Leaders Institute offers online free Christian Apologetic courses and over 100 other free ministry training courses.

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