Free Correspondence College Classes

Christian Leaders Institute is perfect for the Christian leaders who would like to receive a formal college degree while continuing to work in their chosen career. Christian Leaders Institute features the free correspondence college classes from Christian Leaders Institute.

A Few Benefits of Free Correspondence College Classes

Here are just a few of the benefits of free correspondence college classes for those who are already working:

  1. You do not need to go into debt to get a high-quality education – Christian Leaders Institute Free Correspondence College Classes are generosity supported by students, and contributors who make donations for the creation and adminiatration of the classes. They are offered free online. A donation is not required but suggested so that this opportunity remains sustainable.
  2. You can study at your own pace – These Free Correspondence College Classes are accessible on devices that hook up to the internet. You have six months to complete each class. You have many degree classes to pick from.
  3. You can study before you pay college fees – Maybe you think you have time to complete a college degree, but it turns out that you really do not have time. With the free correspondence college classes at Christian Leaders Institute, you can actually complete classes before you enroll at the Christian Leaders Institute to pay our affordable fees. Check out the fee stucture.

Read this story of Arthur Halcomb and his experience of getting a degree. His chosen career is being a Radiographer.

Arthur Halcomb’s Experience at Christian Leaders Institute

Greetings, my name is Arthur Halcomb. I am submitting this essay as my “exit paper” for the Associate of Divinity degree. I would first like to say that the time I’ve spent studying for my degree has been a great experience. It has long been a dream of mine to earn a degree in Biblical studies. As a forty-nine year old man, I thought that the likelihood of ever achieving this goal was very slim indeed. But Christian Leaders Institute has made my dream both achievable and affordable. This has been such a blessing for me.Free Correspondence College Classes

I have been fairly successful in my professional life. As a Radiographer I have spent many years helping people and providing for my family. However I was trained at a vocational/technical school, not a traditional college. I received a diploma instead of a college degree. I am nationally “registered” in two disciplines, Radiography and Computed Tomography, but I have always felt a void because of a lack of a college degree.

I have also overcome obstacles and accomplished many things in my spiritual walk. I was raised in a non-Christian home. That’s not to say that we were not taught values and morals. We were. My family and I rarely attended church, though, so I had only a vague grasp of Biblical truth and teachings. My wife and I were married at a young age and desired a “real” walk with the Lord. We started attending church together with our young children. As I grew in a relationship with God, I soon heard and felt the distinct call into ministry. I prayed continuously, studied the Bible, read every Christian book I could get my hands on and attended church faithfully. Soon I became a “Licensed Minister” through a group called Worldwide Missionary Evangelism. In the words of a former Pastor, now I could legally “marry ‘em and bury ‘em.” I served in many roles. During those early years I served as a bus driver, Sunday School teacher, worship leader, youth leader, event coordinator, deacon, evangelist, and basically anything else you can think of.

Fast forward a few years and the Lord opened a door for me to pastor a small Church of God (Anderson, IN) in my hometown. Due to the requirements of the Church of God, I forfeited my licensure and began the process of ordination. After about three years of being enrolled in the Kentucky School of Ministry (Church of God), I graduated as an Ordained Minister. But, again, I received no formal college credit for my time spent studying.

Life moved on for me, both personally and professionally. My children grew up and got married in the next few years and my wife and I soon became grandparents. In my “other” life as a Radiographer, after working in my hometown for twenty years, I accepted a position as a Radiology Director in Jellico, TN. This move meant not only new opportunities on a career level but it located us closer to our children and grandchildren.

Now life is a whirlwind. I’ve spent the last three years learning a new job with new people in a new place. My wife and I travel most weekends visiting family and friends. The dream of ever achieving a formal education had sank far back into my mind. But that’s the awesome thing about God. He likes to make the impossible a reality.

I sincerely believe that Christian Leaders Institute is an answered prayer in my life and the way I learned of their existence is clearly a “God thing.” One of my former coworkers began working toward his Ordination through CLI. He often shared what he was learning in his classes and what a blessing it was to him. One day, he offhandedly told me that the website offered more than just ordination. He said they also have free classes available. Always being one who loves to learn, especially for free, I checked out the website. I took a few classes and enjoyed broadening and refreshing my knowledge. I continued this for a couple of months. Of course, as I delved deeper I learned more about the mission and heart of CLI. I also learned about Christian Leaders Institute.

Here was not only an opportunity to earn a college degree in a Biblical studies discipline, it was also very affordable. The rest, as they say, is history. I have now completed enough credits for my Associate of Divinity degree and I intend to continue with my studies to achieve a Bachelors degree. I give all credit to the Lord and the work He is doing in my life and through CLI.

My college experience with Christian Leaders Institute has been a phenomenal journey so far. I began by taking classes that introduced me to the school; introductory-level material. My confidence grew as I explored Ministry 101, Christian Basics and Christian Leaders Connections. As I entered New Testament Survey, though, I realized there was still much for me to learn. The class was more difficult than I had anticipated, which is a good thing. It meant, for the first time in a while, I was learning again!

As I took classes I realized more and more how God had worked this opportunity out specifically for this moment in my life.  I remember taking the Basic Writing class. When I submitted my final essay paper for Dr. Adam Navis I was thrilled to receive an “A” on my first ever college level essay. I remember that as the first time I thought I could successfully complete this journey.

Old Testament Survey took me deeper and taught me cultural context I had never considered in relationship to the Old Testament before. It broadened not only my knowledge but my perspectives. The Church History and World History classes dovetail together beautifully. Though taught by different professors, they compliment each other so well. Church history has always been of particular interest to me and these classes have enriched my knowledge of the subject and I look forward to learning more.

I enjoyed Philosophy 101 as it introduced me to an entirely new subject. Intro to Sociology, however, took me deeper into an area of great personal interest. The Communications 101 class with Dr. Steven Elzinga was a great class with many practical applications. Professor Elzinga is a great teacher and he makes the material “come alive” for his students.

Old Testament Literature, History, and Theology taught by Dr. Ted Hildebrandt was one of the last classes I’ve taken. Honestly, I was intimidated by it. I had no idea what to expect. Dr. Hildebrandt’s class turned out to be the most challenging, rewarding experience of my college journey so far. Put simply, Dr. Hildebrandt is brilliant but he is that rare genius who is able to bring it down to your level and teach. His class was eye-opening, educational, and humbling all in one. Finally, l completed English Comprehension. I saved it for last because I assumed it would be difficult and it didn’t disappoint.

As I’ve completed my course work, I’ve also been making a more personal journey. It has been a reigniting and confirmation of the call of ministry in my life. Any time I’ve felt down or discouraged, I’m reminded of the opportunity that God has given me- a forty nine year old man from southeastern Kentucky. It is both humbling and exhilarating to recognize and take on this challenge. I look forward to continuing my educational journey with Christian Leaders Institute. God bless you all for making these classes available not only to me but the many students around the world.