Free Online Economics Class

This free online economics course teaches principles of economics based on the Austrian school of economics and applies these principles to practical entrepreneurship. This gives ministry-minded leaders valuable skills for reaching more people for Christ and providing for their families.


  1. Apply Christian truths to economic issues and entrepreneurial calling.
  2. Know basic economic concepts of supply, demand, market, profit, loss, and incentive.
  3. Understand the role of freedom, personal character, and vocation in entrepreneurship.
  4. Identify economic models that hamper freedom and entrepreneurship.

Discern and develop one’s own capacity for starting and growing a business

How do I get started?

Christian Leaders Institute offers college-level study for those who have access to the internet. These studies can be accessed with smartphones, tablets, or computers. You will enroll at the Christian Leaders Ministries online study center. You must create an account, enroll, and complete the admissions course, which will take you less than 2 hours to complete. The admissions course will alert you to the programs of Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Institute, and Christian Leaders Alliance.

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Christian Leaders Institute allows you to receive award level credit without becoming a formal college student. You can test your skills and the program without financial risk.

This Free Online Economics Course course can be immediately accessed after you complete the admission course.