CLI is proud to offer its students a degree program grant ranging from $500.00 to $1000.00. 
We firmly believe that financial constraints should not impede access to education. At CLI, we strive to ensure that every student can pursue their degree, regardless of financial circumstances.

With the degree program grant applied, the total cost for the Bachelor’s Degree program, originally priced at $3000, is reduced to $2000. Similarly, for the Associate Degree program, originally priced at $1500, the total cost after applying the grant is $1000.

Students who meet any of the following criteria are eligible for the degree program grant:

  • Low Income (Earning less than $30k yearly)
  • On Government Disability
  • Veteran or in active Military Duty

We are dedicated to supporting our students in achieving their educational goals and ensuring that financial circumstances do not limit their opportunities for personal and professional growth.

To apply for the grant submit your verification inside the grant application assignment in the Leadership Excellence School Admissions course.