Internet Learning 

There are no scheduled lectures or chat times; rather, all videos, materials, and quizzes are available in the course with 24-hour access to the course and its discussion forum. This allows students to study anywhere, anytime.

Students are able to use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Our digital campus is easy to navigate.

The Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) courses include over 180 credits of high-quality instruction, including quizzes in all courses and papers in select courses.

Christian Leaders Institute provides a college program providing a complete curriculum, materials, methods, and records to its students based at Christian Leaders Ministries’ educational interface.  These courses are approved by the CLI academic committee and board of trustees. 

This methodology is simple and effective. Students can study at times that fit their own schedules. In technical academic jargon: Christian Leaders Institute courses are asynchronous.  “Asynchronous” because we do not make all students in a class follow the same schedule, and “correspondence” because our classes do not involve constant interaction between students and instructors. This is not email or mail based. This is completely internet-based.

However, if a student has a question, they can email the Help Desk for assistance or be connected with a member of our faculty or staff. CLI also has a closed social network for all its students to connect and support one another through their journey.

Educational Resources

All required readings for the courses are available online and are embedded within each course. No purchases of material are necessary. CLI owns most of its class materials, and those it does not own CLI has permission to use. Course materials may not be duplicated without the expressed consent of CLI.

Christian Leaders Institute does not require the purchase of any additional text material. For a full list of the books and materials used in each CLI course, please refer to the Learning Resources and Materials document on the website or the Library contained in the Institute portal.

Technical Requirements

CLI classes can be accessed on any device with a broadband internet connection. You will begin by signing up for an account at Christian Leaders Institute. An email account is required to sign up at CLI. Once you complete the Admission Course the Christian Leaders Connections courses, you are welcome to enroll at The Christian Leaders Institute.