Free Online Old Testament Course

This free online Old Testament course examines the literature of the Old Testament with careful attention to the historical, cultural, geographical, religious, and literary elements of ancient Near Eastern societies. This course will also show the influence of Old Testament literature on the New Testament and on Western culture. (This class can be used as a core requirement for the Degree program or as an elective in all programs. You can only use this course once in your program.)


  1. Recall the basic historical content of the Old Testament (OT).
  2. Comprehend the origin and transmission of the OT text.
  3. Understand and praise God’s character and actions in history.
  4. Comprehend OT cultural issues and their relevance to postmodern culture.
  5. Analyze, interpret, and apply the meaning of OT texts from multiple perspectives.
  6. Critically evaluate and integrate your thinking with current OT research and historical and archaeological discoveries.
  7. Distill, formulate and integrate your view of God and his working with individuals/nations throughout history in the development of his kingdom in heaven and on earth.
  8. Appreciate God’s use of and interaction with human culture and the value of the various disciplines of the liberal arts as supported by the OT.
  9. Comprehend, reflect on, understand, and apply OT community and moral/ethical constructs. Embrace a worldview that includes a commitment to caring for the creation/environment and upholding basic human rights.


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