Psychology Courses

PSY 121 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

This class explores how psychologists try to study, understand, predict, and influence human experience and behavior. This class seeks to analyze and evaluate these psychological perspectives through a Christian worldview.


  1. Know the history of psychology, the development of the field of psychology, and its relevance to daily life.
  2. Describe the biopsychosocial-spiritual nature of psychological processes.
  3. Evaluate the development of self in the social context.
  4. Differentiate between the psychological problems, disorders, and use of treatments.
  5. Analyze situations, think critically about the subject matter, and creatively problem solve.
  6. Analyze the role of spirituality in the study of psychology and related fields.
  7. Develop personally in skills and abilities vital to meaningful careers, lifelong learning, and service to God and others.