Science Courses

Christian Leaders Institute Science courses give students two options to enrich their study programs and explore different aspects of the Lord’s creation.

SCI 201 Astronomy (3 credits)

In this course, you will learn the science of astronomy, exploring many aspects of the universe ranging from the motion we observe in the night sky to the properties of the planets that make up our solar system to the surprising conclusions we can draw from the study of distant galaxies. At every turn, you will learn how the heavens are declaring the glory of God for us all to marvel at and enjoy.


  1. Glorify the Creator with greater awareness of the marvels of his universe.
  2. Understand the methods and observational instruments of astronomy.
  3. Know key properties of the sun, moon, and various planets in the solar system.
  4. Know scientific observations and theories about stars and galaxies.
  5. Know and evaluate cosmological theories such as the Big Bang, the expanding universe, and relativity, while recognizing the limits of knowledge.

SCI 210 Introduction to Biology (3 credits)

This class introduces basics of scientific method, biological organization, cell structures and functions, DNA and genetics, evolutionary theory, bacteria and viruses, ecology, and animal behavior.


  1. Understand scientific method and principles of biology.
  2. Identify characteristics of life, biomolecules, and organic compounds.
  3. Know key cell structures and their main functions.
  4. Understand cell reproduction, DNA replication, and genetics.
  5. Understand and evaluate evolutionary theory from a Christian perspective.
  6. Explore the structure and impact of microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  7. Understand ecological systems and animal behaviors.
  8. Glorify God as the wise, powerful, loving Creator and Sustainer of all living things.