Sociology Course

SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology (3 credits) 

This class explores the academic discipline of sociology and evaluates claims of sociology from a biblical perspective.


  1. Grasp a working knowledge of the academic content of the subject of introductory sociology, covering the foundations of sociology, an introduction to the discipline, relevant study methodologies, and dominant theoretical perspectives.
  2. Gain insights into the human condition so as to know how to love those they are reaching and serving.
  3. Learn discernment skills which allow for the articulation of Christian values in the context of non-Christian worldview assessments of human experience. Christians are called to be in the world, but not of the world.
  4. Learn terms and ideas that are frequently covered by media outlets. 
  5. Be introduced to the field of sociology study. 
  6. Be introduced to the expectations of Social Workers or Human Resources personnel in their communities.