Christian Life Coaching at CLI

My name is Lucky Aghom and I am from Nigeria in West Africa. I am a graduate of Philosophy, a Christian and I am married with children. I want to pursue life coaching through Christian Leaders Institute. I live in Lagos, Nigeria with my family.

I grew up in Lagos with my parents and younger siblings. Growing up was kind of challenging. My dad was a military man and my mom a pretty petty seller. Due to my dad being a military officer, we attended the protestant church in the barrack. We were just a regular family that attended church only on Sundays. Although I was a member of the choir then, I never had any encounter with Jesus.

Growing up in the barracks was tough. I made lots of wrong choices that pushed me away from Jesus Christ. When I left the barrack in my teen years and started staying on my own outside the barrack, I started attending Pentecostal church. During a miracle service in the year 2001, I gave my life to God, but yet I was never truly committed to Jesus, for I still continued in my worldly lifestyle.

When I got married in 2012, I fully became born again, I started attending Christian worker’s training, in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). From there the zeal to know Jesus grew. I became a house fellowship leader.

In 2018, my current pastor prayed and spoke to me about ministering in Church. At first I didn’t want to accept it because I was scared. So I avoided my pastor for some months until he called me again saying that God said he should choose me for ministering in church. I remembered what the Bible said that God has not giving me the spirit of fear but of sound mind, so I accepted and I started working in the vineyard of God. My pastor allowed me to preach on some days and I handled the church workers, every Sundays I exhort and handle the workers meeting.

Due to financial constraint I have not been able to register for a bible college to understand the gospel well and also to earn a certificate. So I went searching for free Christian teaching and the Lord directed me to the Christian Leaders Institute. I am grateful for these free online courses for it will give me an edge and also make me to accomplish my dream of obtaining a degree/certification, and above all to know God more and better.

I want to be trained as a certified life coach to be able to preach and motivate the younger ones. I want them to know that when they seek first the kingdom of God all their hopelessness will turn to hope.

I need all your support and prayers at CLI for me to be able to achieve my dreams in Christian ministration. God bless CLI.




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